Alaska (AK) Sales Tax Rates by City (P)

The state sales tax rate in Alaska is 0.000%. With local taxes, the total sales tax rate is between 0.000% and 7.500%. Alaska is one of 5 states that does not have a state sales tax (the others are Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon). Unlike the other states with no state sales tax, Alaska cities and boroughs (county like regions) may impose their own sales tax.

Alaska has recent rate changes (Mon Apr 01 2019).

Select the Alaska city from the list of cities starting with 'P' below to see its current sales tax rate.

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CityTotal Sales Tax Rate
Pauloff Harbor0.000%
Pedro Bay0.000%
Pennock Island2.500%
Peters Creek0.000%
Pilot Point0.000%
Pilot Station4.000%
Pitkas Point0.000%
Pleasant Valley0.000%
Point Baker0.000%
Point Hope3.000%
Point Lay0.000%
Point MacKenzie0.000%
Point Possession3.000%
Pope-Vannoy Landing0.000%
Port Alexander4.000%
Port Alsworth0.000%
Port Clarence5.000%
Port Graham3.000%
Port Heiden0.000%
Port Lions0.000%
Port Moller0.000%
Port Protection0.000%
Port William0.000%
Portage Creek6.000%
Prudhoe Bay0.000%

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