North Dakota (ND) Sales Tax Rates by City (all)

The state sales tax rate in North Dakota is 5.000%. With local taxes, the total sales tax rate is between 5.000% and 8.500%.

North Dakota has recent rate changes (Thu Jul 01 2021).

Select the North Dakota county from the list below to see its current sales tax rate.

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CountyTotal Sales Tax Rate
Adams County5.000%
Barnes County5.000%
Benson County5.000%
Billings County5.000%
Bottineau County5.000%
Bowman County5.000%
Burke County5.000%
Burleigh County5.500%
Cass County5.500%
Cavalier County5.000%
Dickey County5.000%
Divide County5.000%
Dunn County5.000%
Eddy County5.000%
Emmons County5.000%
Foster County5.000%
Golden Valley County5.000%
Grand Forks County5.000%
Grant County5.000%
Griggs County5.000%
Hettinger County5.500%
Kidder County5.000%
LaMoure County5.000%
Logan County5.000%
McHenry County5.000%
McIntosh County5.000%
McKenzie County5.000%
McLean County5.000%
Mercer County5.000%
Morton County5.500%
Mountrail County5.000%
Nelson County5.000%
Oliver County5.000%
Pembina County5.000%
Pierce County5.000%
Ramsey County5.000%
Ransom County5.000%
Renville County5.000%
Richland County5.000%
Rolette County5.000%
Sargent County5.000%
Sheridan County5.000%
Sioux County5.000%
Slope County5.000%
Stark County5.000%
Steele County6.000%
Stutsman County5.000%
Towner County5.000%
Traill County5.000%
Walsh County5.250%
Ward County5.500%
Wells County5.000%
Williams County6.000%

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