Kansas (KS) Sales Tax Rates by City (all)

The state sales tax rate in Kansas is 6.500%. With local taxes, the total sales tax rate is between 6.500% and 10.500%.

Kansas has recent rate changes (Thu Jul 01 2021).

Select the Kansas county from the list below to see its current sales tax rate.

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CountyTotal Sales Tax Rate
Allen County7.750%
Anderson County8.000%
Atchison County7.750%
Barber County7.500%
Barton County7.500%
Bourbon County7.900%
Brown County7.500%
Butler County6.500%
Chase County7.500%
Chautauqua County8.500%
Cherokee County8.000%
Cheyenne County8.500%
Clark County6.500%
Clay County7.500%
Cloud County7.500%
Coffey County6.500%
Comanche County6.500%
Cowley County6.500%
Crawford County7.500%
Decatur County7.500%
Dickinson County8.000%
Doniphan County7.500%
Douglas County7.750%
Edwards County7.500%
Elk County7.500%
Ellis County7.000%
Ellsworth County7.500%
Finney County7.950%
Ford County7.650%
Franklin County8.000%
Geary County7.750%
Gove County8.500%
Graham County7.500%
Grant County6.500%
Gray County7.650%
Greeley County7.500%
Greenwood County7.500%
Hamilton County7.500%
Harper County6.500%
Harvey County8.500%
Haskell County7.000%
Hodgeman County7.650%
Jackson County7.900%
Jefferson County7.500%
Jewell County7.500%
Johnson County7.975%
Kearny County6.500%
Kingman County8.000%
Kiowa County7.500%
Labette County7.750%
Lane County7.500%
Leavenworth County7.500%
Lincoln County7.500%
Linn County7.500%
Logan County8.000%
Lyon County7.500%
Marion County7.500%
Marshall County7.000%
McPherson County8.000%
Meade County7.500%
Miami County8.000%
Mitchell County7.500%
Montgomery County6.500%
Morris County7.500%
Morton County7.500%
Nemaha County8.000%
Neosho County8.250%
Ness County6.500%
Norton County7.250%
Osage County7.500%
Osborne County8.000%
Ottawa County7.500%
Pawnee County8.500%
Phillips County7.000%
Pottawatomie County7.500%
Pratt County8.250%
Rawlins County7.500%
Reno County7.500%
Republic County8.500%
Rice County7.500%
Riley County7.500%
Rooks County7.000%
Rush County6.500%
Russell County8.500%
Saline County8.000%
Scott County8.500%
Sedgwick County7.500%
Seward County7.750%
Shawnee County7.650%
Sheridan County8.500%
Sherman County8.750%
Smith County8.500%
Stafford County7.500%
Stanton County7.500%
Stevens County7.500%
Sumner County7.500%
Thomas County8.250%
Trego County7.500%
Wabaunsee County8.000%
Wallace County7.500%
Washington County7.500%
Wichita County8.500%
Wilson County6.500%
Woodson County7.500%
Wyandotte County7.500%

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